Yarden Halperin



This work is an attempt to create a time capsule that simultaneously contains past, present and future. My sister and I film while following our national and personal past, documenting a specific moment in time while using futuristic performative aesthetics.
The work takes place in the “moav” bird’s eye lookout, in the city of Arad, where a 1960’s sculpture by Yigal Tumarkin, is situated.
The sculpture symbolises the aesthetic language of its time: it contains abstract forms made to interact with its environment.
The sculpture was often described as the symbol of Israeli presence in a geographical meeting point with the country of Jordan.
The political changes of the past years has turned the sculpture and the city to ghosts of the Israeli presence in the area.
The choreography of the work deals with way the human body presents itself beside and within an existing structure, thus merging personal memory with public space through collective memory.
The performative act fails its attempt to create a correspondence with the ethos and pathos of the site while using the language of absurd theatre.