Yana Rotner

Nine Derivatives




Looking is a cultural act, it is organised and structured by a cultural context.
The french filmmaker Robert Bresson writes in his book ‘Notes on the Cinematographer‘:
“Two persons, looking each other in the eye, see not their eyes but their looks…”
Bresson reveals the cinematic illusion of how to create a look by the use of camera.
In my work, I use a variety of media, such as photography, video and installation.
By relying on a wide theoretical discourse that concerns with the perspective and vision in contemporary philosophy, I create a syntax that deals with the means of observation through spaces of cinema and photography, while examining the relationship between these mediums.
I translate the idea of points of view into objects in space. By this action I indicate the relations of the photograph and the gaze through material, color and form.
More specifically, the existence and meaning of the screen echoes in my works. I see the screen as a variable in the photographic formula. By placing screen-light into various angles, I examine if and how, that variable will affect the cause. Through this act I ask to embody the abstract and missing ingredient which creates the photographic gaze – the light.