Shiri Klein Nahari


I’m scattering salt crystals above an abandoned, unstable house.
The pale light of the enlarger is fixing the scattered crystals, burning them on the paper.
Inside the fluid the photo starts to appear, comes to life, for a moment it seems like this process will never end, but then it stops. the photo appears before my eyes, and it needs to be taken out quickly, before it dies.
The yearning for stability in life is a constant process that never stops.
Home, family, love, work.
We are excited about the unknown, but afraid of it. We want to touch it, but always go back to that place, in that specific moment, that gives us this safe and stable feeling.
In my body of work I create something whole from a place of instability, from a continuous search for this stability that I have always longed for, from the absence in my own personal life, an absence of a father figure.
The photos are printed in the dark room from the intention of fragility and change.
Every photo is a ‘One Piece’ work, and there is no option to replicate it precisely, which emphasize the temporariness in my work.
These photos are accompanied by two videos that empower the instability on one hand, and on the other also discuss about that safe and warm place- in this case, the character of my mother.
The dead sea is a place where life tries to create a similar process to the one in my work-
The nature tries to create stability through a constant change of it’s history.
Layers on layers that show that everything is temporary and nothing stays as it is forever.
In my body of work there is a commitment to the fragment, which creates a paradox between the everlasting desire for the whole, and what exists in reality.