Liat Korenberg



Religious day school, Ulpana, a separate classes just for girls. Guidance at Bnei Akiva and departure to National Service. More than once occurred to me that things can be different, but I never thought that between the white and black exists a grey area; a great amount of grey.
In a conservative society, where all channels drifted to the predetermined place and No one will detour from the road, only Alice understand the character I have become, not looking at me in the synagogue as if I were strange.
In my work, I examine the state of mind of a religious teenage girl who becomes a young woman, and is on the border between unmarried and married. In the religious world, like the secular world, there are certain constructions and conventions regarding the question of what love is. I would like to find my way between these two worlds, and thus creates a meeting between my character and Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.
In my eyes, Alice represents courage and ability to discover and become what you are without fear of anyone or yourself, the character embodies the hidden fantasies that exist in me. I would like to introduce her to my world as much as I’m trying to get into hers: she accompanies me on Shabbat by the women section in the synagogue, when I go on dates, and even when I go to the grocery store on Friday, reminding me repeatedly that there is another way.The situations range from the abstract to the concrete, and create an eclectic fan of the complexities of Religion-Femininity associated with being single and dating: The longing for a“home” and at the same time- the fear of it, The sudden feeling a Shabbat being so long, and the unexpected discovery of sexuality.