Heba Kasem

nana' bne sa'eb



I was attracted by photographing elderly, since they’ve been the first generation who lived in the village before and after establishment of the state and the expansion of the city.
Where they witnessed many conflicts and went through experiences bereavement and loss, as well as happiness.
I started my project inspired by my environment, and then i moved to take pictures of people in the city, and document their life’s details.
I have a goal to reach as many elderly as possible, in order to take photographs of them and document their lives.
That was my starting point in the project, where i used to get in their houses every time asking for photographs, and I’ve been always asked: why?? but i couldn’t have any clear and definite answer.
One of the hardships that i went through during the project was convincing people who they don’t know me personally to let me in their houses and their hearts to capture them in my photographs.
Also i had to face another hardship where it made me get how deep and important the project is, which was loosing close people that i had captured, that lit in me many warm memories and thoughts that are unforgettable, like my grandfather who died after few months of photographing