Edan Fiteman



Local urban landscape has created a gap between the outer image the city aims to present, and its potential contents which collapse under the pressure. A pressure towards universal cosmopolitanism, detached from time and space, forever clean, polished and extravagant. Wandering through the city streets creates an affluence abundance, an abundance that invites you to explore further more. But soon you find out that there isn’t much more to discover, and that the first impression is all that continues to exist. This first impression has great charm, and it is the starting point for my exhibition space. A space which invites you in, calls you to enter, stimulates you through visuals and material. The material overflows, extends beyond its capabilities, stands strong but its stability is at risk. The shaky glorification entices you to touch and find a way to appropriate part of the magic, a desire I answer through the museum memorabilia on display. Some are small and solitary, some large and multiple, inexpensive reproductions of luxurious reproductions, but all share a common denominator of being insignificant. They’re empty souvenirs to be kept for tomorrow, only to represent the nothingness that took place yesterday. The driving force is ongoing and consistent- produce and reproduce the real, represent it in a larger and more ambitious scale. But as it grows in volume it loses its content, and the city becomes a backdrop. Its largest buildings shrink to a model, full of charm and grace, but lacking concrete substance and ability to reach the absolute level of real, which only shows the failure of the illusion.

Technique: Sculpture, installation, digital prints