Adi Vindichansky


My project focuses on the margins of the Israeli public space, and in areas where everyone can do anything at any given moment. These are the territories that are uninteresting for the general population.
I wander through the street in which I document and the studio where I edit my work. In my art there is a feeling of observation and examination of the surroundings, while trying to picture scenarios in which I can recognise myself.
Observing the banal surroundings I find many instances of decay and unused objects. Something that was once often used is now degrading slowly as time moves forward. What do you do with an object that still exists but is no longer functional? What is it’s purpose in the world?
The palm tree is often part of my pictures as it is always surrounded by a hot and weary environment.  It always looks tired, lazy, bent and sick. I create an analogy between the palm tree and myself.