Liana Hadas Allon



Tutor: Hadar Shapira

Photographers: Linatan Zohar, Oded Antman

Through movement, a child develops and discovers his or her surrounding world. However, in today’s world, children are faced with many challenges that lower their natural motor and physical abilities. These challenges are ever more present with kids who have any sort of gross motor difficulty. ZuZ is a series of playful wearables for children, with gross motor difficulties, intended to encourage movement.

The tools that are missing in assisting therapeutic progress with children are not necessarily clinical tools, rather tools that encourage continuous practice in the home environment.  The series includes attractive wearable pieces that trigger the child’s imagination, which is an important tool for a child’s development and is oftentimes overlooked.

Each piece, inspired by a type of animal, is worn on a distinctive part of the body and encourages the movement that that animal would make. The piece also incorporates a type of visual, tactile, or audible feedback that in turn also encourages the desired movement.

The child’s imagination allows him/her to metamorphose into the creature he/she wishes and to thereby assume that creature’s abilities and strengths that otherwise may not have been obtainable. These ‘imagined’ abilities can, in turn, assist in producing the movement.

Although these pieces are intended for children with gross motor difficulties, they are more than profitable for any and all children.